Sunday, August 11, 2019

CBD Balm

Rollin Vapor is a local eCig store that has been around since 2014, which is saying something in this heavily marketed area.  They recently added a Medical Dispensary to one part of the store, the other half still serving their loyal eCig customers. This makes them the perfect home for for my new CBD Balm (see previous post).  Check around and compare prices/dosage and you will see that my product is affordable -and you KNOW where it came from: right here in Tulsa OK (shop local!).  Testimonials keep coming in to me about how well this works for muscle and joint (temporary) relief as well as the BIG ONE for me- ITCHING.  Yes this balm calms down itching fast!  Who knew?  And who knows what other maladies it can help with?  If you buy some and like it, let me know here in the comments how it helped and I will hook  you up with a free tin!  

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