Sunday, June 23, 2019

Something New

My latest venture has been into skin care.....sort of.  It really began with pain. Osteoarthritis pain (which I have had for decades) began to creep back into my hands again a few months back. I have been taking a prescription NSAID drug that has serious possible side effects for me personally, so this was worrisome. I certainly didn’t want to be taking more of that, which led me to doing some R&D (research and discovery) on what was out there in the ‘natural’ world.   In the end, I was unable to wean myself off the NSAID completely for testing purposes (Did I mention I also have fibromyalgia?) but by using the balm I created, I was able to cut back on the amount I have to take and my hands feel gooood.  This balm works wonders for most people on everything from aching joints, muscles and even some nerve pain.  It is temporary relief, but relief nonetheless.  

Another testimony to this balm working is my son, a firefighter with lower back issues.  Being drug tested regularly for his job required me to be able to assure him that this did not contain the psychoactive kind of cannabis  he would get in trouble for. I was able to do that by placing what is called a QR code on the product which, when scanned by your phone (free app for that) takes you directly to the testing page of the very plant that was used in the balm.  I put one of these codes on everything I make.  

I source the CBD flower that I use to make the oil from a reputable farm outside of Las Vegas who grows only CBD plants. High quality, tested.  Son has been using this for several weeks now and can’t say enough great things about it- and not just because I’m his Mama! He uses it before bed and says he sleeps like a baby- no pain.  I try to keep all of my ingredients organic- my CBD balm is made with CBD-infused almond oil, coconut oil, calendula oil, shea butter, essential oils and a teeny bit of beeswax.  
In addition I also have concocted a CBD oil infused in MCT/coconut oil that I use for my senior dogs; one in particular has awful storm-anxiety and the other has aches and pains (don’t we all).  My dogs are small (20 lbs) so I put a dropperful into a (grain-free) dog  biscuit- one that has at least one hole in it.  That’s the perfect place to insert the oil and voila, you’ve got medicated biscuits for your canine -and they get the magic relief as well!
Am I going to sell these products?  Not sure but perhaps around the holiday season I will- they will make good stocking stuffers.  In the meantime, I’m giving away free samples to people I meet who ask me about it.  I always have samples in my purse so ask if you see me!

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