Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Mysterious First Street Flea Market

“I’ve heard of it and want to go someday but I’m not sure where it is” and “What? Where? Since when?” are some of the phrases I have heard associated with the name First Street Flea.  I was intrigued when I heard about it and had been searching for another show or two to replace the Indie Emporium Show that is no longer.  When I found the First Street Flea’s FB page I read that it was a once a month (First Sunday) flea market.  All vendors are curated- i.e. they must meet a certain criteria and be approved/accepted.  I knew it sure fit MY criteria: ONE DAY & INDOOR!  There was a page of rules that I copied off to ponder and it all sounded good to me so I filled out the form and got to participate in the October Sunday.  I went over Saturday afternoon, a little before 3:00 to set up.  Oh My Lord finding this place is  crazy.  The flea building does sit on First Street, yeah but the actual door address is 855 E Admiral Blvd.  That is the address  you want to program into your GPS.  It's two streets north of Hodges Bend off Lansing.   And let’s not forget the major road construction going on all around it.  You can’t miss the building though:

However, you CAN miss that right turn from this one-way street and then you’re screwed and have to find your way back.  Just an FYI.   #findingitishalfthefun   

Back to the flea;  I had a great time, met many great people and am SO excited to be returning to the November Sunday 11/5.  This one will be bigger and better than before with about 30 vendors in two rooms and  Hardens will be set up for breakfast and lunch.  Doors open at 9:00 am.  What’s not to like?

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