Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanks To All

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth at this years Indie Emporium show!  It was so fun seeing folks I know and meeting new friends!  My vendor-neighbors were the best and I scored some great gifts from them.  On one side I had Debby from Positive Pearls jewelry.  As soon as I saw these cuffs she made using old buffalo head nickels, I knew I wanted one.  My only worry was my small wrists- usually cuffs and bracelets are too big but she had one of these that fit perfectly- SOLD!  On the other side I had The Alpaca Shack where I wondered over and found more amazing items.  It was very hard to decide which one I wanted, but I ended up with a pair of fingerless gloves that I don't want to take off. SO soft and warm; beautifully made.  And to make it even more personal, there is a tag attached to each item with a photo of the alpaca who donated the fibers for it! Across the aisle from me was BeeLove Balm out of Bixby.  They had awesome-smelling lotions and balms that were irresistible.  My hands get very dried out from handling fabric  so this product is a welcome addition to my sewing area as well as nightstand.  I wish I could have visited and shopped with all of the vendors there but perhaps it was better on my wallet that I couldn't ;o)

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