Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Swedish Kitchen

6 years ago I had my kitchen redesigned using Ikea cabinets and appliances.  I love functionality and smart use of space- it makes cooking a pleasure; baking my bread, especially.  So, when I stumbled upon a new (to me) kind of mixer that is especially good for bread baking (ding! ding!), I was beyond intrigued.  It seemed daunting at first- you have to re-learn the proper order for adding ingredients with this mixer.  All of the burned-in-your-brain methods that we users of Kitchen Aid Mixers (and the like) must be erased from your head.  Re-programing is required.  Yikes.  And yet, the more I read and watched (lots of how-to video's on You Tube) the more I wanted one.  And my dear husband got me one for my birthday (there is a reason we've been married 37 yrs!)  Introducing The Ankarsrum Assistent (yes it's spelled that way) :

Ankarsrum Assistent

You can read about the company/history on their website here:  Ankarsrum

This baby holds a LOT of dough and is a workhorse plus it is so much quieter than my KA.  There is a learning curve with it, no doubt. I have been making a lot of loaves of bread to get the technique down.  Being a visual person, I had to rewrite my recipes in the order/method required with this mixer.  Then I had to test and tweak and make some more!  But I do believe I've got it down.  I will share one of my converted recipes below. 

I like to use simple ingredients: olive oil, honey, milk/water, yeast and flours. This recipe makes 2 large Pullman or Large Loaf pans. I really, really like these USA Pans; you never ever need to grease them!

Anyone else out there have one of these? If so, how do you like it?  


Bread Recipe Adapted For Ankarsrum Mixer:

3 C milk or water, room temp
1/3 C oil
1/4 C honey
5-8 C bread flour
2 C semolina flour
4 1/2 tsp instant yeast
3 tsp salt

Mix water/milk, honey and oil.  Slowly add 1/2 of flours.  Add yeast.  Add rest of flour.  Mix well. Let rest for 5 minutes.  Knead for 7 minutes.  Cover and let rise about an hour.  Turn out dough and slap out air bubbles.  Form into 2 loaves and place in pans.  Cover and let rise for about 30 minutes.  Preheat oven to 350 and bake 40 minutes.

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