Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bread Bags

In addition to designing, quilting and sewing I also love bread baking!  Making fresh bread  always brings up a question of storage for it.  My favorite sourdough recipe makes 2 loaves.  One immediately goes into the freezer and the other is consumed- but there is the whole storage issue.  You really don’t want to leave the bread in a plastic bag closed off from any oxygen for days, but leaving it unwrapped (even in a breadbox) it could dry it out quickly.  I did a little web surfing which turned up linen bread bags.  In fact, tons of them are for sale on Etsy and are relatively simple to make.  I figured that, with as much bread as I bake and give away, these little bags would make a great gift sack to give as well.  I created my designs and ordered them printed onto cotton linen fabric.  And voila (these are a bit wrinkled- they just came out of the dryer):

First I wrap a sheet of wax paper around the loaf

Then into the bag

And into the breadbox!

This worked great in keeping the bread moist and fresh until it was gone.  I just turn them inside out to wash/dry.