Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Little Bossy

The 1906 Tulsa I.T. fabric all 'sandwiched' together and it is just waiting for me to get busy.  Since it's be awhile since I have quilted anything,  I'm going to take it slow.  

As I said before, I had so much fun putting this design together.  I tried to include all of the ads for 'new' housing additions I could find.  Woodward Park Addition (lots starting at $425), Brady Heights, Oaklawn, Perryman and more.  And I am still chuckling over some of the ads.  For instance, this one from the Hyechka Club:

That last part sounds kind of bossy to me! 

I'm not sure how many ads I have crammed onto this 1 yard of fabric but there are a lot and that means it's going to take me awhile to quilt around each one, so I better get started.  Will post pics of the end result....... if all goes well! 

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