Saturday, January 3, 2015


Checking In 
The last few months have been a blur, as I knew they would be.  I spent a lot of time gearing up for the greatest local craft show, Indie Emporium, then catching up after it -with lots of Etsy custom orders (yay!) plus my own holiday shopping/shipping to take care of (all of my kids/grandkids live in different states).  I am pausing a moment to catch my breath and catch up with you guys.


I was recently mentioned in a Tulsa World article (about Tulsa's old movie theaters) that had a very serendipitous result; both myself and Vern Stefanic are featured in it.  Vern is married to my sister.  Reporter Jimmie Trimmle had no idea; no reason to ask, no reason to tell, although I did have a sneaky suspicion it might be him when he mentioned “an article, written back in 1983” during our interview.  But he never said his name.  It was a pretty neat Sunday morning surprise. You can see it HERE

Another cool thing happened before 2014 was over: I was contacted and asked if I wanted to lead a class for OSU’s OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) spring schedule.  The subject? Why, Tulsa history of course.  I am looking forward to doing this beginning in February at the Tulsa Historical Society.  You can see the course HERE (scroll down to page 28)

New Things
While things have slowed down quite a bit now that the holidays are over, I am still designing and printing new pillow covers.  Here are a few:

Last but not least, in addition to Made:Tulsa, my pillows will soon be for sale over at the Vintage Vault- yay!  

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