Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vintage Hankie Projects

I opened a drawer the other day that had not been opened in quite some time.  And what was in there but no less than 20+ vintage hankies that my neighbor had given me (along with the doilies and other goodies).  So what to do with these?  First things first, I soaked them in some Oxyclean and warm water, then rinsed, patted with a towel and hung them to dry while I went on Pintrest to see what I could learn.

And, I learned quite a bit!  It took me quite some time, but I matched some of the projects I found with some of the hankies.  First up was something I wanted to make for MYSELF and that was an infinity scarf.  They are so easy, pretty and in this case, useful for using 8 of the hankies.  I just sewed them together, folded them in half and sewed them again, making a tube.  Then I sewed the ends together.  I really like this!

I saw quite a few sachets made with hankies, but I really liked the little pillows better, so I chose 2 of the hankies and made these little 6x6 inches cuties:

The most intriguing (and challenging) project I found was making hankie paper dolls as well as little dresses on a hanger.  Only I modified mine to be undies (corset and petticoat) on a hanger:

The paper dolls were so fun; it's been decades since I cut out paper dolls of any kind!  I printed the women heads onto card stock, then reversed the image and printed them again, then glued the 2 together.  I did that for 2 reasons: one, to add more stability and two, to make these reversible:
Last of all, I made some cute little envelope holders.  I lined the inside of these with batiste fabric.  I think you could put anything lightweight in them, such as thin necklace/bracelets or potpourri.  Back in 'the day' I would have suggested putting hosiery in them, but those days seem to be gone for many.  
They are quite delicate but I have sewn reinforcement stitches (by hand) to ensure stability.
I might add a little button to this one:

So there you have it- some ideas on what you can make with old hankies!

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