Saturday, September 27, 2014

The 1919 Design

This has really been fun to design!  I have enjoyed going through the year of 1919 in Tulsa via the Tulsa World.  After stumbling across some full page ads that just needed to be seen, I have ended up with 3 separate 12x24 inch "papers" that will be listed separately or in a full yard (24x36).  That 24x12 inches can obviously be cut into 12x12 squares for scrapbooking...?  or whatever! Or it can be used as a complete yard of wrapping paper or, if you can be patient in waiting, it can come in cotton fabric from (where else?) Spoonflower!  So, what do you think?  Paper? Fabric? Should I make a pillow with some of it?  I think I will :o)  See if you can find Teddy Roosevelt in one of these.
Sorry about having to put watermarks all over these.  These are obviously much higher resolution/definition when printed/sold.  

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