Friday, April 18, 2014

New Stuff Created With Wordify

I recently stumbled upon a fun app called Wordify.  "Wordify turns images into beautiful typographic artwork using your words and a bit of magic" is how the program's creators describe it.  All I know is: it's fun and addictive!   You put the words you want to use in a box, then choose an image, the text font you want to use, the color and size- and in a few seconds you have a new creation.  
I decided to put in most of the street names from downtown Tulsa and some of the attractions.  The image I used is the outline shape of the IDL that I created separately.  I tweaked the center of it and here is the final result:

I created this the night before last weekend's street festival, so I printed it off to fit in an 8x8 frame and put it out for sale.  It sold quickly and the young girl who bought it was excited about it.  So, I'm having it printed on some fabric to make into a pillow.  Same story with this image of the Adam's Hotel; bought quickly, great feedback etc.  It, too, will soon be on a pillow.

Back to my playing with Wordify.  New fabric seemed to beckon.  I awoke one morning with the idea of what I wanted to create.  I put in ALL of the street names of  Tulsa, along with some of the 'must see' places in town.  This was the result:

I should be getting both fabric pieces (pillow and fabric) in a week or so and I can't wait!

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