Friday, November 15, 2013

New Name, New Look

I have changed the name of this blog to the name that has evolved as my label: Tulsa Gal Designs.  You should still be able to get here using the same link as before.  I couldn't change that part of it.  I have some new fabric designs to show you!  First of all, I updated the former Tulsa Words (or I Heart Tulsa) design.  I added a new block with the popular district names and I changed some fonts.  It is for sale over at my Etsy Shop:

The fabric came out nicely.

 A friend of mine told me I needed to make some fabric/designs featuring Route 66, and so I did.  I focused on the popular Oklahoma spots along the route through our state.

In addition to the above fabrics, I have been creating new designs for pillows to sell both at the online shop as well as over at the Made: the Indie Emporium Shops: 

Thanks for stopping by!

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