Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fabric Fest = FUN!

Yes, it's been awhile since I have posted but hey, I have been sew busy!!  Bathroom remodeling going on, making quilt after quilt, designing more fabric, making pillows and just staying super busy.  And all the while I was anxiously awaiting the 9th of September when my friend Jan and I were heading to Las Vegas for Riley Blake Design's Fabric Fest.  And it came and we went and boy, did we have FUN!  So, I thought I would borrow some photos that others took (because I didn't take very many good ones) and share some of the fun with you.

When registered, everyone got the nicest bags, and they were loaded with tons of GREAT stuff!  It was also neat to identify Fest attendees by these wonderful bags that everyone carried.  There were over 300 of us there!

I signed up for some really fun classes as well as some that were more challenging.  The best ones for me were those taught by Jenny Doan  (Missouri Star Quilt Shop), sisters Kim and Kris (My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop) and Amy Smart (Diary of a Quilter).  Jan took a class from the always-fun Eleanor Burns (Quilt In a Day).  

Here is Jenny and her daughters Sarah and Natalie:

This was the Hexi Quilt class Jenny taught (she also taught 2 others):

This is a class working on a fun, fun table runner taught by Kim & Kris.  I loved this class!

Lunches and dinners were fun and the food was great.

But as you can imagine, the biggest draw was the VENDORS BOOTHS!  It was sooooo fun to shop in!

My husband came to get me at the airport and when he picked up my luggage, he exclaimed that it must have weighed three times as much as it did when I left!  Yes, yes it did :o)

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