Saturday, November 24, 2012

Limited Edition Purse

I was asked recently if I would donate an item (preferably a unique-to-Tulsa kind of item) for a silent auction fundraiser.  I am always honored to be asked to do this.  That someone else thinks a creation of mine will help raise money for a cause is awesome and humbling.  
We chose one of my Tulsa Words totes.  I made it a teensy bit smaller than other totes, so it can actually be used as a purse if someone wants.  In addition to the 30 inch straps and snap closure, I added features that I personally prefer, such as hidden outside pockets that a cell phone or keys can fit in. I also created a new fabric design for the lining.  For the next few weeks,  I am offering to make one of these limited edition purses for you, if you like.  You may order them over in my Etsy shop.

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