Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Tulsa Purse

As noted before, I made a tote bag out of the "words" fabric a few weeks ago.  It was the first bag I'd made in years - I used to churn them out all of the time.  I had forgotten a few things, such as the height that worked best and the strap lengths.  I decided to get all of those details corrected and down on fabric to be printed and see how it looked-  and to see if it was easier to make one that was basically "cut and sew":

I Heart Tulsa Tote

The yardage came yesterday (as always, I was so excited to see it in the mailbox- its like Christmas for me). I quickly washed, dried and pressed it, then set about cutting out the pieces.  It all went together beautifully and quickly.  I cut two squares (approx 8x10) of batting for each outer piece and quilted those before assembling the purse. I really like the outcome. 

The fabric is for sale over on Spoonflower (just click on the first photo above).  Custom-made purses can be commissioned for order over on my Etsy Shop.

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