Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vintage Hankie Projects

I opened a drawer the other day that had not been opened in quite some time.  And what was in there but no less than 20+ vintage hankies that my neighbor had given me (along with the doilies and other goodies).  So what to do with these?  First things first, I soaked them in some Oxyclean and warm water, then rinsed, patted with a towel and hung them to dry while I went on Pintrest to see what I could learn.

And, I learned quite a bit!  It took me quite some time, but I matched some of the projects I found with some of the hankies.  First up was something I wanted to make for MYSELF and that was an infinity scarf.  They are so easy, pretty and in this case, useful for using 8 of the hankies.  I just sewed them together, folded them in half and sewed them again, making a tube.  Then I sewed the ends together.  I really like this!

I saw quite a few sachets made with hankies, but I really liked the little pillows better, so I chose 2 of the hankies and made these little 6x6 inches cuties:

The most intriguing (and challenging) project I found was making hankie paper dolls as well as little dresses on a hanger.  Only I modified mine to be undies (corset and petticoat) on a hanger:

The paper dolls were so fun; it's been decades since I cut out paper dolls of any kind!  I printed the women heads onto card stock, then reversed the image and printed them again, then glued the 2 together.  I did that for 2 reasons: one, to add more stability and two, to make these reversible:
Last of all, I made some cute little envelope holders.  I lined the inside of these with batiste fabric.  I think you could put anything lightweight in them, such as thin necklace/bracelets or potpourri.  Back in 'the day' I would have suggested putting hosiery in them, but those days seem to be gone for many.  
They are quite delicate but I have sewn reinforcement stitches (by hand) to ensure stability.
I might add a little button to this one:

So there you have it- some ideas on what you can make with old hankies!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Doily Bowls

I was recently cleaning out some items and came across an acquisition made several years ago.  My neighbor had inherited quite a lot of things from the estate of a local woman she had cared for.  I got first dibs on going through what she didn't want before they had a sale.  In addition to lots of old lace tablecloths and napkins were these......doilies?  I'm still not sure exactly what they are as it seems they went along with place settings.  What they are for sure, though, is handmade.  Hand tatted, stitched and embroidered with a single initial.  V?  N?  U?  
I did fun things with most of the napkins.  You know- made pillows!  But these, I just wasn't sure what to do with.  And then they were put into a box and forgotten about.  There are 12 of the 8" ones and 10 of the 3" ones.  After hand-washing them...

They got ironed. 

While ironing them it occurred to me that I could put the small one on the big one; stitch them together and attempt to make bowls out of then, via fabric stiffener.  

So, I mixed together equal parts Mod Podge and water.  I dampened them first with water then immersed them into the mixture, squeezed out the excess and molded them over the bottoms of bowls.  And let them dry overnight.  It was messy and fun!

They were a little tough to pry loose from the bowls, but they are very sturdy. 

Then I noticed that, if I wanted to, I could carefully pull the lace from the smaller doily down. 

  So, there you have it: doily bowls.  Easy peasy.