Thursday, November 13, 2014

Doily Bowls

I was recently cleaning out some items and came across an acquisition made several years ago.  My neighbor had inherited quite a lot of things from the estate of a local woman she had cared for.  I got first dibs on going through what she didn't want before they had a sale.  In addition to lots of old lace tablecloths and napkins were these......doilies?  I'm still not sure exactly what they are as it seems they went along with place settings.  What they are for sure, though, is handmade.  Hand tatted, stitched and embroidered with a single initial.  V?  N?  U?  
I did fun things with most of the napkins.  You know- made pillows!  But these, I just wasn't sure what to do with.  And then they were put into a box and forgotten about.  There are 12 of the 8" ones and 10 of the 3" ones.  After hand-washing them...

They got ironed. 

While ironing them it occurred to me that I could put the small one on the big one; stitch them together and attempt to make bowls out of then, via fabric stiffener.  

So, I mixed together equal parts Mod Podge and water.  I dampened them first with water then immersed them into the mixture, squeezed out the excess and molded them over the bottoms of bowls.  And let them dry overnight.  It was messy and fun!

They were a little tough to pry loose from the bowls, but they are very sturdy. 

Then I noticed that, if I wanted to, I could carefully pull the lace from the smaller doily down. 

  So, there you have it: doily bowls.  Easy peasy.

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Crafter

I guess I am a hard-core crafter, but I come by it honestly from both sides of my family.  My mother LOVED doing crafts as did my dad's mother, although she leaned towards the crocheting and sewing kinds of crafts.  Nonetheless, I get craft crazy this time of year.  So, throw in the Indie Emporium show and the need to dress up my booth (i.e. the excuse reason to craft even more) and you have in me a crafter gone crazy.  Yes, glitter glints on my tables and floors while craft supplies mount in a pile as I continue to visit Hobby Lobby at least once a day (hey 50% off Christmas crafts this week!) with new ideas thanks to Pintrest.  It is a Crafter's paradise around here, I tell ya.